Bennett & The Pathfinders
PFF Squadrons and Bases
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August 1942
7 Squadron
Base: Oakington
Aircraft: Stirling, converted to Lancaster from July 1943

35 Squadron
Base: Graveley        
Aircraft: Halifax, converted to Lancaster from March 1944

83 Squadron
Base: Wyton        
Aircraft: Lancaster
Transferred ("loaned") to 5 Group April 1944

109 Squadron
Base: Marham, then Little Staughton from April 1944        
Aircraft: Mosquito (Wellingtons prior to August 1942)

156 Squadron
Base: Warboys, then Upwood from March 1944        
Aircraft: Wellington, converted to Lancaster from January 1943

April 1943
97 Squadron
Base: Bourn
Aircraft: Lancaster
Transferred ("loaned") to 5 Group April 1944

405 (RCAF) Squadron
Base: Gransden Lodge
Aircraft: Halifax, converted to Lancaster from August 1943

1409 Meteorological Flight
Base: Oakington, then Wyton from January 1944
Note: These were unarmed Mosquitos, light and very fast, whose prime duty was to ascertain the weather conditions over the targets before an operation.

June 1943
105 Squadron
Base: Marham, then Bourn from April 1944
Aircraft: Mosquito

139 Squadron
Base: Marham, then Wyton from July 1943, Upwood from February 1944
Aircraft: Mosquito

November 1943 (Formation Date)
571 Squadron
Base: Downham Market, to Graveley from April 1944
Aircraft: Mosquito

627 Squadron
Base: Oakington
Aircraft: Mosquito
Transferred ("loaned") to 5 Group April 1944

January 1944  (Formation Date)
692 Squadron
Base: Graveley
Aircraft: Mosquito

March 1944 (Formation Date)
635 Squadron
Base: Downham Market
Aircraft: Lancaster
Note: 97 Squadron was broken up in March 1944, "C" Flight going to 635 Squadron. The following month, the remaining two-flight Squadron was "lent" to Cochrane of 5 Group, against the strongest opposition from Bennett.

April 1944 (Formation Date)
582 Squadron
Base: Little Staughton
Aircraft: Lancaster

Other Mosquito Squadrons
128 Squadron - reformed September 1944, base: Wyton
142 Squadron - reformed October 1944, base: Gransden Lodge
162 Squadron - reformed December 1944, base: Bourn
608 Squadron - reformed August 1944, base: Downham Market
163 Squadron - reformed January1945, base: Wyton